Need Merchandise Of Your Own?

At WallyHawk we offer a variety of services. Screen Print heat transfers, custom apparel, graphic design, web design, html, css, wordpress, e-commerce, vinyl decals, vinyl graphics, etc. The list just keeps on growing!

We have an ever increasing collection of original designs from all corners of pop culture, created by a slew of different artists. Having a creative team with us is great to provide not only high quality goods, but one with diverse interests, art styles, and tastes.

In the years we have been in business we have moved from a site that exclusively sold only our own designs to one that works in collaboration with artists. The art branched off into helping other organizations get high quality goods for little to no money out of pocket. That way their funds can be directed to where they really need to be; helping them grow in their own endeavors. Clients like Rancho Relaxo and Little Brook Farm are animal rescues. We work with the Geekly podcast network as well as the highly entertaining So Wizard Podcast.

We can help your organization, team, club, family, or just personal whimsy in getting high quality goods and services for very affordable prices!

Wholesale Made to Order

We first started the Wholesale Made to Order model a couple years ago. For a while we based our cut on a percentage of the order. When we got into helping charities and fundraising we realized this wasn’t really fair to those who really need it. WallyHawk has decided we have out set flat pricing based on our cost of the products being made and sold. We no longer get paid on percentages to allow our clients to set their own prices and generate more revenue for their own ventures. This way everyone wins.

Wholesale Made to Order is exactly what it sounds like. We help you setup your product page, complete with descriptions, metadata, and images. You set the price. When an order comes in, WallyHawk handles it. We create the items only when an order comes in so you, the client, have no overhead, no money out of pocket, ever. Not only do you have no money out of pocket but you have no hassles or headaches managing constant orders allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere. We ship the item directly to the customer and you get paid!

Traditional Wholesale

Along with offering wholesale made to order we also offer traditional wholesaling. Going to a convention and want to sell merch? Stocking a store? Whatever your needs are it’s no problem! We can handle orders of literally any size. Our designs or yours, anything goes.

Buying product through the traditional wholesale route yields you a higher return on your merchandise.

A large number of variations determine the price of a bulk order and we will be more than happy to work with you to come to an agreeable arrangement. Please email, use our contact form (right side of all pages), or call 518-878-6414 to talk to an actual human.

Let’s make wholesaling happen.

The following information, along with the image file(s) you want turned into high quality merch, should be sent to for an accurate and timely quote.

  • Art type: Pixel files or vector art?
  • Amount of color: We can handle printing full color, shaded, and indepth artwork but the cost is higher than a simpler design.
  • Size of the image: This is the size the image would be once embellished, not the file size.
  • Type of product(s): Do you want just t-shirts? Hoodies as well? What color variations?
  • Amount of finished products: 50? 100? 500? WallyHawk can handle whatever you need, just let us know!
  • Certain fees may be required to prep artwork properly. In lieu of these fees you may be able to make the changes yourself.

For information on how we can help with anything else you may need email WallyHawk or call us at 518-878-6414

Design Work

So far everything on this page has talked about the end product, the tangible shirt you can hold in your hand or pull on over your head. We love doing that and we love doing it well. But we can also help you reach that step. Have a great idea but need someone to help you execute it? Along with mating graphics and apparel we can create the graphics you need! Any size project, any parameters, we can help.

Along with graphic design we can help you with writing the copy (words) that go along with it.

Furthermore, we have very affordable web design services!


Kickstarter is an increasingly popular way to help small projects get off the ground. A very common aspect of a Kickstarter project is to offer rewards for different level backers. Shirts can either be packaged along with rewards or sold laterally to your campaign so the profits can be collected to further your goals. Selling the shirts on the side is the most profitable way to go about it but we are more than willing to work with you on deals either way.

Indie Gamer Chick LogoWallyHawk is a huge fan of DIY entertainment. Creating your own films, music, and games is the way of the future. Indie artists come up with some of the most brilliantly original entertainment in any market. Here at WallyHawk we would love to help you promote your dream, project, small business, or any other endeavor you are undertaking. We will work with you every step of the way to give you the highest quality merch possible with a deal that benefits all parties.

After a long and very interesting talk with Indie Gamer Chick we learned that Indie Game Developers often have a hard time finding reputable sources to get their merchandise. We would love to help the Indie Gaming community with this problem by offering fair deals that don’t change.