Hawk Mousepad


Hawk Mousepad

Here we have something for those of you out there who want to add a bit of color to your lives.
The design is a combination of bold, colorful triangles and the silhouette of a Red Tailed Hawk with its wings spread out.

The hawk itself represents freedom, power and Vision. Combined with the strong shapes and spread out wings it represents the freedom of feeling the wind beneath your wings and peacefully gliding through the air without anything holding you back even more.

Hawks have been used in falconry for hundreds of years and are seen as one of the best species for falconry (by some people they are even considered to be better than falcons) because of their intelligence, maneuverability and keen eyesight.

During falconry a strong bond is built between the human and the bird, in ancient times the bond between some humans and hawks were even stronger than that between a human and their dogs. Even though it is a sport in our modern day era, people’s lives used to depend on these birds of prey. They were trained to ward off enemy tribes of the nomadic Bedouin people; they did so by chasing them off with their powerful beaks and sharp claws. That is why they are still seen as a symbol of power and protection.

Another trait that is often attributed to the hawk is its intelligence. It isn’t just is physical strength but also its mystical knowledge that keeps people intrigued by this incredible creature.

They can also be seen as a symbol of resurrection, like a phoenix rising from the ashes and that motif is shown through this design.

We have made this design available in a variety of different colors with the main colors being blue, orange, pink, red, green and yellow. So feel free as a hawk when choosing which you like best.

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This Hawk Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.