Coffee Cat Blanket

Coffee Cat Blanket

It seems the real world things people love best on the internet is coffee and cats. The incredibly talented Mary Simmons thought combining the two things was a no brainer. We present to you, The Coffee Cat! This design comes in a few varities of cat so you can pick your favorite. The Calico, Tiger, and White cats all mix perfectly well with coffee. **Not literally, please do not put your cat in coffee or let your cat drink coffee.

If you are surfing this site on your laptop there is a good chance your cat is eyeing your keyboard as a heated place to sleep. After all, if it’s warm, strange, and inconveniences their human, cats love it.

Whether you love Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or refuse to buy chain coffee to help your local hipster hang out, this coffee cat design is for you. Get your favorite caffeinated beverage, hold this hand drawn item close, and relax.

Check out more of Mary Simmons’s work on her page!

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The Coffee Cat Blanket is a nine ounce 60/40 ring spun combed cotton/poly. The Blanket is fully hemmed and measures 50×60 inches.