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Thank you for the past eight years,
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Galaxy Wolf Hoodie

Galaxy Wolf Hoodie

This totally original design was created by the very talented Mary Simmons. Mary has done original takes on the Game of Thrones designs, some very cute bunny shirts, and the ShiShi Shirt. Here at WallyHawk we strive to offer the coolest in pop culture shirts and custom apparel. The galaxy wolf has instantly become a favorite of us here at WallyHawk HQ (I think I’ll make that a thing). We think all of our loyal customers will love it too. The design looks fairly simple at first glance but the multicolored star field adds some serious depth to the design.

The wolf is a creature long associated with mysticism, pride, strength, etc. in the history of the American continent. The wolf stands for protection and extreme confidence. The wolf as a spirit guide is a creature of adaptation. Werewolves stemmed off this belief of the Wolf spirit guide being a shapeshifter. The wolf is led by it’s intuition and cunning.

The triangles the wolf is accompanied by are even more mystical in their themes of magic. The triangle has many meanings depending on the circumstance. gender, creativity, harmony, proportion, ascension, manifestation, illumination, integration, subjectivity, and culmination are all meanings of the mystical triangle.

Matching the mystical wolf and magical triangle to a backdrop of the cosmos implies the infinite meaning and wide reaching effects of the mysticism implied.

Of course the above definitions really only matter to those who believe, for the rest of us we just see a really cool design with vivid colors and amazing depth.

Check out more of Mary Simmons’s work on her page!

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The Galaxy Wolf Hoodie is a comfortable 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The design is done with the highest quality inks and transfer process to ensure a long and vibrant life.