WallyHawk is no longer taking orders. We are evaluating our situation but it looks like our company will not continue. We thank everyone for their patronage and will have a more official announcement shortly.

Thank you for the past eight years,
Lynn and Adam Gagnon

Love Bunny Hoodie

Love Bunny Hoodie

The Love Bunny design is great for a quick “I’m thinking of you” give for your significant other. Birthday presents, unique Valentine’s day gifts, or for no set occasion other than letting your special someone know you love them.

A simplified medieval family crest, but with bunnies! Sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, and serve as a constant reminder to ‘Love SomeBunny’. These cartoony bunnies will always stay in style- Because cute is always in!

These adorable rabbits will be featured on more WallyHawk products. They are a recurring character in the work of the artist: Mary Simmons, who strongly recommends everyone own bunny themed clothing.

Check out more of Mary Simmons’s work on her page!

Want to get paid while showcasing your own talents? Become an artist with WallyHawk!

The Love Bunny Hoodie is a comfortable 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The design is done in pressed vinyl that never fades.