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Queen of Blades Button (10 Pack)

Queen of Blades Button (10 Pack)

Cute, fluffy, double-edged, and sharp. This isn’t your average fluffy rabbit. The Queen of blades is a design by the very talented Mary Simmons. This rabbit isn’t to be confused with Kerrigan from the Starcraft series. She was also given the title, Queen of Blades, but she is merely an imposter. This rabbit would rule any fantasy realm you choose. The best pet at Hogwarts, House Hare in Westeros, or an animal in Narnia cooler than Aslon. The association is yours to make.

The Queen of Blades design was originally drawn with pencils and then inked on thick paper. A high resolution photo of the design was taken and brought into Adobe Photoshop. The design was then digitally inked and digitally painted to give the depth, shadowing, and style you see on these Queen of Blades items.

Check out more of Mary Simmons’s work on her page!

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The Queen of Blades Button is made of all American high quality metal and mylar. The design is laser printed for sharpness and colorization. There are a variety of backings available to suit your needs.

Shipped in a pack of 10.