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Thank you for the past eight years,
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Raptor Stack Button (10 Pack)

Raptor Stack Button (10 Pack)

Raptors have always been cool. Since Jurassic Park made it’s debut in 1993 these extinct animals have been inescapable in the imaginations of kids as well as all of pop culture. 2015 saw the resurgence of these amazing animals on the big screen in Jurassic World. A part sequel, part reboot, part fresh take.

Although this design was created before the amazing popcorn flick it has even more meaning now. Chris Pratt plays Owen, a trainer of three raptors on the island. The raptors names are Charlie, Echo, and Blue. Essentially military style designations since Owen himself insists that he did not tame them or break them, it’s a relationship of trust and respect.

This design actually originated as a tattoo and was so popular that people started asking for clothing with the design! A popular item before even being made available to the public now everybody has a chance to try one of these great raptor buttons.

Celebrate art and show off a unique fashion sense by buying this hand drawn design not available anywhere but from WallyHawk!

These raptor heads make up a very cool and very unique hand drawn button from artist Mary Simmons. Mary has done previous work for WallyHawk and will have more items coming, so if you like her style check out more of Mary Simmons’s work on her page!

Want to get paid while showcasing your own talents? Become an artist with WallyHawk!

The Raptor Stack Button is made of all American high quality metal and mylar. The design is laser printed for sharpness and colorization. There are a variety of backings available to suit your needs.

Shipped in a pack of 10.