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Snow Bunny Button (10 Pack)

Snow Bunny Button (10 Pack)

Another excellent digital painting by the talented Mary Simmons! Mary really loves cute. She also really loves rabbits. This design features an adorable bunny mingling with some larger than life snowflakes. The design was digitally painted by hand and has some very vibrant coloring and expert line work. The simplicity just accents the quality of the piece and makes it really stand out when printed.

Trying to come up with copy I Googled Snow Bunny, not the best recommendation to make to someone when working in an office. Sure the internet provides much more NSFW search results half the time, but it really wasn’t helpful for writing this copy at all.

The design and the quality speak for itself. As does all of Mary’s work.

Check out more of Mary Simmon’s work on her page!

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The Snow Bunny Button is made of all American high quality metal and mylar. The design is laser printed for sharpness and colorization. There are a variety of backings available to suit your needs.

Shipped in a pack of 10.