WallyHawk is no longer taking orders. We are evaluating our situation but it looks like our company will not continue. We thank everyone for their patronage and will have a more official announcement shortly.

Thank you for the past eight years,
Lynn and Adam Gagnon

Vaudvillain Mousepad

Vaudvillain Mousepad

This old timey mustachioed villain is up to no good. His crazy eyes, curled moustache, cape, and top hat scream of years passed. He eagerly rubs his hands in crazed anxiety while waiting for whatever diabolical plot he has concocted to unfold.

The hero, likely dressed in white, will be around just in time to save the damsel in distress from the convoluted, though sicker than it seems, plan. The picture screams to be accompanied by a pipe organ and intertitles asking the generic hero for help.

This awesome old timey drawing was hand drawn by Mike V. A long time friend to WallyHawk.

This Vaudvillain Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.