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Palm Sunset Mousepad

Palm Sunset Mousepad

“I’ve seen every sunset and with all that I’ve learned, is to her I will always, always return.” – Bryan Adams (Spirit Stallion of the Cameroon Soundtrack)

Just imagine, warm sunset at the beach with palm trees softly swishing in the breeze while you dip your toes in the waves that splash over the sand, now what could be a better suited image for a tropical summer?

There are no rules when it comes to sunsets but a desert sunset or a tropical sunset (line the one we have here) are typically considered the most beautiful because of their richness of color. The image we have here though has been simplified into more of a vector style, though none of the simple beauty of the colors has gone missing.

The reason that the colors of the sun that we see during a sunset differs from the rest of the day is because of the way that the light rays of the sun are bent by the earth’s atmosphere. The sun is closer to the horizon during a sunset but the rays are longer and scattered leaving only the longer wavelengths namely red, orange and yellow (most of the time). It is the same thing that happens when a ray of light passes through a prism.

There is a very mysterious and rare phenomenon that happens during some sunsets, it is called a green flash and lasts only about two seconds. What happens is that a part of the sky suddenly turns green and then, just as suddenly the green color disappears.
It has been said that smog creates more beautiful sunsets though the opposite is in fact true. Natural phenomenon like dust clouds produced by volcanoes or the smoke from forest fires, however do wonders for sunsets all around the world.

This design is available in a wide variety of warm summer colors. The options are orange and blue, red and turquoise, pink and green and also purple and grey.

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This Palm Sunset Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.