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Biohazard Button (10 Pack)

Biohazard Button (10 Pack)

“Be thankful for everything for soon there will be nothing.” This dire warning is laid over the bio hazard symbol as a sign of the impending times on this Biohazard button.

This high quality biohazard button is for any fan of the zombie genre. Zombie’s are absolutely massive in pop culture right now. Infiltrating books, magazines, comics, movies, and even one of the largest scripted TV shows on television. The zombie craze has been around since George A Romero first gave birth to it in 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. The bio hazard symbol and this quote represents all of the zombie genre but gained a lot of popularity with 2002’s amazing 28 Days Later.

Whether it’s the flesh and brain crazy rotting corpse zombies from The Walking Dead, the cute emo girl zombie from iZombie or something even goofier like Plants vs Zombies, we can all agree that zombies are cool. This biohazard button takes something of a darker approach, but it’s great for zombie fans of any build.

This button is all American. American parts, machine, and labor. The design is laser printed for ultimate clarity.

Shipped in a pack of 10.