Groot Hoodie

Groot Hoodie

Groot is the lovable sidekick to Rocket Raccoon in the, now popular, Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot is a sentient tree, he has limited speech abilities but that doesn’t mean he is dumb. With abilities verging on super powers, Groot is much needed muscle in the bumbling association of sci-fi misfits that make up the Guardians.

Voiced by Vin Diesel in the massively successful 2014 movie, Groot is muscle, heart, and comic relief. The role was said to be a huge relief for Vin Diesel after the loss of his friend, Paul Walker. Diesel enjoyed the simple work and voicing such a pure character. Voicing Groot was probably a similar job to when Vin Diesel voiced The Iron Giant.

This hand drawn digital design isn’t from the heavy hitting Groot, but the small seedling Groot who loves rocking out in his pot.

This Groot Hoodie was drawn by the incredibly talented Alexis Hannah. Check out her portfolio on Tumblr!

The Groot Hoodie is a comfortable 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The design is done in the highest quality inks and transfer process to ensure a long and vibrant life.