WallyHawk is no longer taking orders. We are evaluating our situation but it looks like our company will not continue. We thank everyone for their patronage and will have a more official announcement shortly.

Thank you for the past eight years,
Lynn and Adam Gagnon

Hard To Forget Button (10 Pack)

Hard to Forget Button (10 Pack)

So used to showing how sensitive you are with your art? Do you get incredibly enthusiastic over pop culture? Maybe you love these things but you don’t know how to broadcast it publicly, without the aid of social media? Well we’ve got the perfect answer for you! Andrew Del Valle has skillfully drawn and immaculately printed an assortment of motivational quotes mashed with the best of pop culture. Now his drawings come on a variety of WallyHawk’s products!

The Hard to Forget Button can be displayed, showed off, and used to impress your friends all while be practical and high quality. The motivational quotes can be uplifting or melancholy. Pensive about the future? Hit rock bottom? Remember Jar Jar? Wear a motivational quote for yourself, or wear one for the people you walk by. Wear your heart on your sleeve, not quite literally, and showcase your pop culture feels.

This awesome Hard to Forget Button was hand drawn by the talented Andrew Del Valle. Check out more of his products on his own, artist’s page. More work can be seen on his Tumblr and his Facebook page!

The Hard to Forget Button is made of all American high quality metal and mylar. The design is laser printed for sharpness and colorization. There are a variety of backings available to suit your needs.

Shipped in a pack of 10.