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Heroic Tragedy Mousepad

Heroic Tragedy Mousepad

Every superhero story can be boiled down to a Heroic Tragedy. This Heroic Tragedy mousepad showcases that with a couple iconic examples.

Superman and Batman are two of the most recognizable super heroes, and figures, on the planet. Superman is largely seen as a figure of purity and strength. A boyscout with all the powers any mortal could want and barely a weakness to speak of. Batman is a human with no powers. He is the embodiment of wish fulfillment through his fortune, determination, and training. His war on crime is much more brutal than that of Superman but he is no less heroic.

While both heroes have their own way of doing things and are looked up to by millions, both have origins steeped in tragedy. Superman, Kal-El, lost his entire planet. His identity, his parents, and his species before he was old enough to comprehend what was happening. He was shot to Earth, completely alone. The responsibility he bares due to his birthright is a weight that super strength can’t handle.
Batman was born Bruce Wayne. A rich kid with nothing but hope ahead of him. One tragic night his parents, people who only ever tried to help their city, were gunned down in cold blood. While the particulars around their murder have varied and the telling has changed over time the base tragedy of a young boy losing his parents is clear.

The heroes on this Heroic Tragedy Mousepad are done in silhouette to not limit the meaning of the famous quote to just two heroes. The quote applies to many walks of life, comics, and heroes. Heroes both real and fictional.

The quote, “show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy,” is a genius line by the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is a renowned American novelist who wrote many stories still considered classic today, decades after his death. The most famous example of Fitzgerald’s work is without a doubt The Great Gatsby.

This Heroic Tragedy Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.