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Thank you for the past eight years,
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Padawan Mousepad

Padawan Mousepad

Love them or hate them the prequel trilogy is part of the Star Wars mythos and Star Wars is awesome. The prequels may have forced Hayden Christensen on us but they also offered a lot of information and insight into the larger Star Wars galaxy. How young Jedi prospects are chosen, brought up, and the early days of their training was of particular interest.

This awesome Star Wars Padawan product shows a young Padawan giving Yoda a hard time. At one point in the trilogy Yoda rode on some sort of flying disc to be able to keep up, and have a conversation with, his peers. This brash young Padawan has stolen the disc for a joy ride.

This awesome Star Wars design was drawn by one of WallyHawk’s oldest friend’s and half the namesake. Mike Virgilio. Be on the lookout of more original designs as well as upcoming comics from Mike!

This Padawan Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.