Witness Me Mousepad

Witness Me Mousepad

The Witness Me Mousepad features a catchphrase from the incredibly Mad Max: Fury Road. Immortan Joe, a king of sorts over a desolate wasteland, has an army of young men known as the War Boys. These War Boys are absolute true believers in Immortan Joe as well as his promise of a beautiful afterlife in Valhalle. Witness Me is shouted before one of the War Boys makes a suicidal move against one of Immortan Joe’s enemies.

The Witness Me Mousepad could be accompanied by a We will ride eternal, shiny and chrome Mousepad or a I live, I die, I live again Mousepad but those names just aren’t as catchy as the Witness Me Mousepad.

Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth film about the wasteland wanderer, Max. This movie is the first to be done with Mel Gibson, the original films really made his career. Instead Tom Hardy takes the lead of Max Rockatansky and excels in his quiet but powerful performance. Max is captured by Immortan Joe’s Way Boys early in the film and circumstance ties him to Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult. The real star of Fury Road is found in Imperator Furiousa played by the ever changing but always incredibly talented Charlize Theron. Furiosa is the catalyst of the story and the one that forces change. She is a phenomenal action lead and given a lot of credit for not only being a woman, but a handi-capped one.

Mad Max Fury Road was one of the most intense action movies to come out in years. What made it even cooler was the fact that many of the effects were completely practical! Get this Witness Me Mousepad and show everyone your love for a great piece of fun cinema.

This Witness Me Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.