Anustart Shirt

Anustart T-Shirt

After a long break from new episodes the ravenous fan base demanded more and all the original players got back together to make sure it would happen. With some significant backing by Netflix, Arrested Development came back for a fourth season! The Anustart T-Shirt is extra special since it is primarily a Tobias Funke product!

Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows to ever exist. After almost a decade off the air the show has only gained in popularity. Show your love for the series with this Arrested Development Anustart T-Shirt. Just think of the warm embrace this t-shirt will provide as the warm embrace of Tobias Funke.

Despite the mixed reception to the fourth season of the show there were some classic hilarious moments. Tobias’s desire for a new start, abbreviated to anustart, is definitely one of them.

This Arrested Development Anustart T-Shirt is 100% cotton. The design is done in pressed vinyl so it will never fade. Huzzah!