Bob Loblaw Hoodie

Bob Loblaw Hoodie

This Bob Loblaw Hoodie features the attorney who comes in to help the lovable screwed up Bluth family in Season 3 of Arrested Development. Loblaw’s introduction onto this amazing show is as hilarious and witty as the rest of the writing.

The titular line for this Hoodie, Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, was first uttered by the bumbling Tobias Funke. When asking Loblaw what his plans were he said he would spend the evening working on his Law blog. Tobias replies Ah yes, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog and mentions that he is, “a mouthful.”

Loblaw comes in claiming this isn’t the first time he has been brought in to replace Barry Zuckerkorn is a call back to Scott Baio being the new, younger, version of Fonzie on Happy Day’s where he costarred with Henry Winkler.

Many of the jokes surrounding this Bob Loblaw Hoodie on Arrested Development are based on his name. The name was purposely written to sound like “blah-blah-blah”. Loblaw advertises himself with such fantastic lines as “You don’t need double talk; you need Bob Loblaw” and the disclaimer “Bob Loblaw No Habla EspaƱol.” Admittedly these jokes work better when said rather than read, but I’m not making a YouTube video outlining it since you wouldn’t be looking at this Bob Loblaw Hoodie if you haven’t seen the show.

This high quality Bob Loblaw Hoodie is 50/50 cotton/poly. It’s comfortable and warm. The design is done in pressed vinyl so it will never fade.