Valar Dohaeris Mousepad

Valar Dohaeris Mousepad

The Valar Dohaeris Mousepad translates to “all men must serve” in the ancient language of High Valyrian. The expression, and the language, exist in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Song of Ice and Fire is an in depth fantasy series written by the infamous writer George R.R. Martin. The first book in the series, the name of the HBO show, and the more commonly used name for the series as a whole is A Game of Thrones.

The language on the Valar Dohaeris Mousepad, as previously mentioned, is High Valyrian. The language originates from the city of Valyria (later Old Valyria) in Essos. Because of the city’s fall Valyrian is not widely spoken. High born children are often taught the language as a sign of their lineage and songs and stories still exist in the tongue. The only widely spoken version of the language is referred to as Bastard Valyrian since it is a crude version of the language.

Although there are written words, as you can see on the Valar Dohaeris Mousepad, author and creator George R.R. Martin has admitted that he does not have the gift for creating languages that Tolkien, another incredibly famous fantasy author, has. Tolkien spent years creating a fully fleshed out Elvish language for his Lord of the Rings series and other works. Martin as stated that he created the language in “broad strokes” to give the language characterization sounds and spellings.

This Valar Dohaeris Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.