Team Instinct Tank Top


Team Instinct Tank Top – Pokemon Go – WallyHawk

If you’re like the rest of the world you’ve been spending a whole lot of time running up your data costs on your cell phone bill. Maybe you’ve been walking a few dozen extra miles every week too? That just means you’re into Pokemon Go. The mobile game has taken the world by storm and everyone is thrilled.

Pokemon Go is divided into three teams. As soon as your trainer level hits 5 you have to swear allegiance to a team. This Pokemon Go Tank Top represents the quiet but strong Team Instinct.

Team Instinct is represented by the legendary bird Zapdos. The team leader is Spark and they value trusting your instincts over all else. Along with the individual trainer trusting their own instincts, members of Team Instinct also believe Pokemon have great instincts that should also be trusted. They are incredibly interested in the hatching of Pokemon.

This Team Instinct Tank Top is 100% cotton. The design is done in pressed vinyl that will never fade.