D20 Button (10 Pack)

D20 Button (10 Pack)

When I roll down the street I roll hard. I try to let everyone know that they should expect to me dropping 20s on the reg. so maybe they should back a step off. Yes, the confidence to loudly say “I crit” to anyone fortunate enough to pass you will ensure that you are the talk of the town. Plus, you will find other kindred spirits who understand the language of the dice. It is possible that you will meet your wife/ husband while wearing this shirt. It is that good.

The D20 artwork was created by our own Michael DiMauro.

Geekly is a podcast network that covers the latest on pop culture. Movies, comics, gaming, and whatever else comes across the host’s minds.

Geekly has been a long time client of WallyHawk’s and in addition to all the products found on their page we have worked together to create some amazing products for conventions and shows Geekly has put on.

The D20 Button is made of all American high quality metal and mylar. The design is laser printed for sharpness and colorization. There are a variety of backings available to suit your needs.

Shipped in a pack of 10.