Drunk Dragon Hoodie

Drunk Dragon Hoodie

After having one too many grogs, the Drunks and Dragons like to lay down on the floor and try to collect ourselves. Fortunately, we usually wear a +1 shirt of comfort with the likeness of a sick dragon. The most ancient of magics attune to this image and will immediately make you or any passerby feel better. All you have to do is believe!

This is the official logo of Drunks and Dragons, the Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. The entire show can essentially be summed up in this image. Any tabletop gamer will immediately recognize the scene of this overly rowdy game room with a dragon added for good measure.

This original artwork was created by Azad Injejikian.

Geekly is a podcast network that covers the latest on pop culture. Movies, comics, gaming, and whatever else comes across the host’s minds.

Geekly has been a long time client of WallyHawk’s and in addition to all the products found on their page we have worked together to create some amazing products for conventions and shows Geekly has put on.

The Drunk Dragon Hoodie is a comfortable 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The design is done with the highest quality inks and transfer process to ensure a long and vibrant life.