Winterfellas Hoodie

Winterfellas Hoodie

When a Winterfella needs a strong, resolute animal to travel from the Wall to King’s Landing, or even to the Dothraki Sea, they only need to look to this wonderful beast. Bred for their uncanny ability to travel incredible distances with only Hippocras in their hardy stomachs, the Dire Donkey has gained respect in both Essos and Westeros. Rumor has it that the beast comes from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, but most agree these are just japes.

The Dire Donkey is the official sigil of Cast of Thrones, the Game of Thrones Podcast. They like to think of themselves as your best friends who decided to get together with a handful of beers and discuss your favorite fantasy series, Game of Thrones. This original artwork will both amaze and confuse the average Game of Thrones fan as it is styled after the Stark sigil from the HBO Series.

This original artwork was hand drawn by Justin Russo.

Geekly is a podcast network that covers the latest on pop culture. Movies, comics, gaming, and whatever else comes across the host’s minds.

Geekly has been a long time client of WallyHawk’s and in addition to all the products found on their page we have worked together to create some amazing products for conventions and shows Geekly has put on.

Due to the printing and transfer process the amount of weathering in the design may vary.

The Winterfellas Hoodie is a comfortable 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The design is done with the highest quality inks and transfer process to ensure a long and vibrant life.