Eat Hay Mousepad


What is Rancho Relaxo all about?

We are a small rescue farm in South Jersey. Our sole mission is to help every animal we possibly can – whether it be networking or physically bringing them to our farm. We also aim to spread awareness about the cruelties in this world toward these beings with no voices and why these disgusting acts must stop NOW. We will not stop until their voices are heard.

Caitlin Stewart, owner of Rancho Relaxo states: “I am not quite sure what drew me to animals to begin with. I know it has been there ever since I was a small child and I know it was not my extreme allergy to almost all of them that did it. I truly believe it is just what I am here for. I am here, on this big beautiful planet, to make animals smile and safe from harm – while spreading awareness about animal cruelty in every form.”

To date we have four horses, eight cats, eight chickens, two pigs, two goats, two lambs… and counting.

The purchase of any merchandise here will greatly help us to continue our mission to help every animal we possibly can that is in need.

Proceeds from Rancho Relaxo products go directly to helping rescue animals. Furthermore, any WallyHawk product bought along with Rancho Relaxo products will get an additional 10% put toward the charity.

This Eat Hay Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more. The design is done in pressed vinyl that never fades.