One at a Time 2 Tote

One at a Time 2 Tote

The Riley Farm Rescue’s mission is to rescue as many innocent farm animals as possible. We then provide them with the loving and nurturing homes that they deserve.

Farm animals are tortured and seen as a meal rather than the friendly, caring, creatures they are.

The Riley Farm Rescue targets farm animals that are being sold for slaughter. We are certain we are always saving a life with every angel we bring into our farm. Join our mission and help save our animal friends today!

The One at a Time 2 Tote is 10oz, 100% cotton canvas. There is a zip top to protect your goods along with an interior zippered pocket for organization. The bottom measures at 22” x 15” x 5”. The designs are the highest quality inks, vinyl, and transfer process possible to ensure a long and vibrant life.

To get the most out of your printed apparel: Wash the item in cool water, inside out, then air dry. This stands for any printed items, not just the high quality ones from WallyHawk.

Please note: The add ons will feature the Riley Farm Rescue logo, not the printed design on the item. The Design Color selection is for the logo, not the full color printed design.