WallyHawk is no longer taking orders. We are evaluating our situation but it looks like our company will not continue. We thank everyone for their patronage and will have a more official announcement shortly.

Thank you for the past eight years,
Lynn and Adam Gagnon

Headphones Tank Top

Headphones Tank Top

Whether it is pop, rock, techno, hip-hop, dub step, classic instrumental or R and B, we all just have that genre of music that speaks to us. We all have those few songs that we can never forget or get out of our heads. No one can deny that music has played some part in their lives or moved them in some way. A quick way to show your love of music to the world is to wear a piece of clothing with a headphone graphic on the front.

It is the image of a pair of headphones, with sound waves flowing from one earpiece to the other.

Here we have a design that is available in many different, lively shades of color. These are namely blue and green, green and purple, orange and grey, pink and white, pink and yellow, red and grey, yellow and grey as well as yellow and purple. And if you aren’t one for a lot of color there is also a black and white option for you.

Let the color reflect your kind of music, like the music you listen to affects your life and your emotions. Just like the music you listen to takes you on a journey and changes the way you think and see the world around you.

Music plays an even greater role in the lives of those who spend hours mastering the use of an instrument or learning to control their voice, all to produce the perfect harmonies of sound , that perfect beat or rhythm combined with the perfect lyrics, and share that beautiful noise to inspire those around them. To be able to create something that the rest of the world will hear and love and will change lives.

So go on and share your love of music with the world. Let the beat find you and let the music flow through you and set you free.

Want to get paid while showcasing your own talents? Become an artist with WallyHawk!

The Headphones Tank Top is 100% cotton. The design is done in the highest quality inks and transfer process.