Get Dirty Hoodie

Lemon Ranch’s Mission

It is the mission of Lemon Ranch to rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to abused or neglected creatures. Through physical contact with animals, we provide positive life-affirming activities for individuals with troubled souls. With the relationships built between animal and human, we plan to grow a new crop of animal lovers.

Lemon Ranch’s Story

This story starts a long time ago. It wasn’t in a galaxy far, far away (it was actually right in this galaxy); but it’s just as epic.

I was introduced to farm life at an early age. Although I lived in the city, my mom and I frequently journeyed from Cincinnati to Michigan to visit family friends, Donna and Jack Lemon, and babysit their farm.

A farm full of dogs, cats, goats, horses, a cow, chickens, a mean ass rooster (George), a burro and a bevy of house pets was paradise. It was fascinating that animals magically (or sometimes not so magically) were drawn to the farm (or grove) because there was nowhere else for them to go. I would wake each morning to rush outside for barn chores; only heading inside when begged to by my mother and would disappear again as quickly as possible back to my animal oasis.

I learned how to cut trees to make fences. I learned how hard it is to shovel. I felt unparalleled freedom and happiness when riding full speed through open fields. I learned how to avoid George. I cuddled every creature at every opportunity. Endlessly. This wonderful mecca has lived in my mind all my life. I tried to start business after business to find my purpose but it wasn’t until now, that it seemed possible.

Lemon Ranch was born.

Named after Donna and Jack Lemon, who gave an independent, passionate but shy young girl her first vision of Shangri La.

I want every soul to know what it’s like to be surrounded by every creature possible: The joy of laughing at their silliness and reveling in their kindness, experiencing the pride that comes with bettering a life, knowing the companionship of sharing your dreams, thoughts, and worries with a quiet soul, and feeling unconditional love.

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