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Roses Mousepad

Roses Mousepad

The vector shapes of roses. A flower typically seen as a gesture of love when given from one person to another the rose can however mean many different things, each color representing something different.

For instance the most obvious would be a bunch of red roses which is the universal sign of romantic love and can also mean congratulations for a job well done. A single red rose says, “I love you,” in one simple gesture. Dark red roses are typically given to someone who is beautiful but has no idea that they are.
White roses usually mean innocence or purity, though it can also mean secrecy. A third meaning that is attached to a white rose is that of heavenly beauty, which again links with purity. White roses are the roses most commonly seen at weddings.

Pink roses typically mean thank you though they can also link to happiness and a less common meaning of, “please believe me.” Darker pink typically has to do with gratitude and saying thank you. Light pink can mean gentleness, sympathy and sweetness.
If someone hands you a yellow rose it unfortunately means that you are in the friend zone, if those yellow roses happen to have a red tip, fear not, because that means the other person sees you as a friend but is slowly starting to develop feelings for you. Sometimes yellow roses are also given just to say, “Remember me,” or, “I care.”

An orange rose means that someone desires you, not to be confused with a peach rose which means appreciation or gratitude.
Lavender roses mean love at first sight while blue roses are linked to the impossible or the unattainable because they are so rare.
Lastly black roses are typically seen as a symbol of death or farewell.

These designs are ideal for a white shirt and the colors that we have available are red, pink and also black; though we also have an option with white roses available for a black shirt.

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This Roses Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.