Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) Tank Top


Before there was S.H.I.E.L.D there was the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Show off your membership to this organization with a high quality Captain America shirt!

Strategic Scientific Reserve is a Government agency that was founded by Howard Stark (Iron Man’s father). Part of this program was a super soldier project. Steve Rogers was chosen for his heart and courage. Not only was Captain America the prototype, he was also the most successful. Strategic Scientific Reserve was eventually reformed into SHIELD.

In real life the Office of Strategic Services never created a super solider. The real life agency was created in World War 2. It’s main purpose was espionage operations behind the enemy lines. After the war ended it was reformed into the CIA.

Doctor Abraham Erskine was a German scientist who defected to the United States during World War 2. Before he successfully transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America he had another patient. A Nazi soldier, who was also the head of Hydra, forced Erskine to use the serum on him. The serum was not ready and Schmidt received his powers along with some horrible side effects. The side effects also branded Schmidt with the nickname, Red Skull.

The Captain America tank top is 100% cotton. The design is done in pressed vinyl so it is incredibly durable and will never fade.