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Art Nouveau 2 Mousepad

Art Nouveau 2 Mousepad

Here we have a simple yet elegant Art Nouveau Portrait. It is a simplified portrait of a girl with flowing hair, surrounded by various elements found in nature. This design is available in 4 different color variants namely pink and green, turquoise and purple, blue and pink or purple and orange.

Art Nouveau is a popular art movement. This art and design movement started during the 1880’s and continued until the First World War. In a way it is still continuing today since many people are still regularly inspired by it. The name Art Nouveau means “new art” in French and it is known as Jugendstil in German.

Even though the art movement is no longer new today it still inspires people to constantly come up with new ideas and be creative. The movement is very strongly influenced by nature and reminds us of the constant renewal of nature through the different seasons.

The movement started when big cities were built all over Europe and the world started becoming more and more industrialized. Because of these changes people wanted to move back to nature or at least have elements of nature inside of their homes in the big industrial cities. The style was so popular that entire buildings’ architecture was influenced by it at the time as well as many decorative pieces of furniture throughout people’s homes.

The style of this design has many loose and flowing curvy lines which represent freedom and breaking away, just like the artists who started the art nouveau movement broke away from the traditional styles of art of their time.

It is also a delicate and feminine style of art, which is why so many women are depicted on the traditional art nouveau prints. Lilies and flowers also share these soft flowing curves and are a very commonly depicted in this style.

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This Art Nouveau 2 Mousepad will sit by your computer loyally. You can’t expect it to do much more.