Who is WallyHawk?

WallyHawk is a growing and ambitious printing and design company located in Clifton Park, New York. A suburb about twenty minutes north of The State Capitol of Albany. We kicked things off in late 2011 with just a handful of our own designs offered on only four different colored shirts. The response we got was very welcoming so we expanded rapidly.

The idea for WallyHawk to be a graphic t-shirt company (at first) was founded on his love for pop-culture and cool yet casual designs that the t-shirt business had been portraying. Our first run of shirts wasn’t even sold online. We started selling them on consignment in a small shop in Crossgates mall located in Albany New York.

Selling on our own site, Etsy, eBay, and RedBubble the demand for more and more designs grew. Adam reached out to a few talented artists he knew and interacted with more he met online. The artists loved the idea of showcasing their work and getting paid for it! WallyHawk loved the idea of having some help keeping up with the need for designs and the agreement benefited both sides.

Not only does WallyHawk offer high quality printed t-shirts, printed apparel, and graphic design services to Saratoga and Albany counties but we now offer premium web design services as well!

WallyHawk grew in popularity on it’s various store fronts and Lynn met with an animal rescue doing great work to help save horses. Little Brook Farm was the first running client of WallyHawk’s and the idea of wholesale made to order was born to help raise funds. It seemed crazy to us that a small not for profit would have to shell out precious money they didn’t have to try and make a bit more. The relationship was successful to both parties and more clients began to join up.

Adam: Co-Owner – Adam is a web developer by trade. His love for pop culture and having some down time between web jobs is what sparked the interest in creating high quality pop culture shirts.

Lynn: Co-Owner – Is a born crafter. She has spent her life sewing, knitting, embroidering, pressing, and any other type of hands on creation she could master. When Adam’s interest’s grew it was Lynn who not only had the knowledge and connections but also the high end equipment to bring WallyHawk fully to life.